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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Property Manager

I am often asked about the value of hiring a property manager. Many property owners mistakenly believe that all a property manager does is “collect the rents”. There is much more to managing a property and I believe the cost associated with hiring a professional property manager is paid back in many ways.

Tax benefits

The property management fees that you pay are tax deductible, which immediately reduces the full cost of professional management. These fees will be reported on your monthly and year-end financials. All owners are provided with a detailed report with all income and expenses to quickly and efficiently provide to the tax preparer.

Peace of Mind

Many owners simply find that just having someone else worry about the day-to-day details of property management is worth the management fee. Many owners avoid unpleasant confrontations with tenants when problems arise which can make the problem worse. In addition, receiving tenant phone calls with maintenance emergencies or serving notices is another form of stress that can be eliminated by a professional manager.

Professional Expertise

A major benefit of our management services is our professional expertise. It may seem that a vacancy is too long, but we know that the wrong tenant can be much more expensive. It is more costly to rehabilitate a property and/or pay legal fees because of poor tenant screening than to hold out for the right tenant.

Owner/Tenant Rights

Knowing and properly implementing current legislation can reduce costly mistakes when handling tenants. We use a preventative approach to save you unnecessary legal costs. The courts do not accept ignorance of the law and fines or judgments are far more expensive than management fees paid to a property management company.

Maintenance and Repairs

Hiring the wrong contractor or handyman to do the maintenance on a rental property can be a frustrating and costly mistake. We have a well-vetted and efficient team that provides quality work at reasonable rates. They are competent and accountable. This is especially important for out of area owners who do not have relationships with local companies.


We offer an efficient on line platform where owners and tenants can contact us 24/7. Tenants can pay their rent and owners can receive their distributions electronically. This reduces bounced tenant checks and late rent payments. Owners receive their funds directly into their bank account and don’t have to worry about mail delays or lost checks.

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5 Responses to The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Property Manager

  1. Great article. Having a good and professional property manager will give the landlord many benefits like quality tenants, correct assessments for the exact and balance rent for the property and a time saving.

  2. Having a professional manager is probably a great benefit for most projects, they can offer their knowledgeable advice and help things run smoothly. This must be true for most things like construction, business and/or turnkey project management. This hlep, in my opinion, is very important to the whole process.

  3. My wife and I are thinking about renting out our home to some people soon, but we aren’t sure if we need a property manager or not. I like your point about how, when there is a problem with a tenant, the property manager can handle it. Having someone to take care of maintenance and keep the renters happy would make our lives much easier I bet.

  4. It was really nice when you pointed out that having a property manager means there will be someone else to worry about the tenant problems for them. This seems perfect for my friend since he is not exactly good at handling people and confronting them. Now that he is planning to start his own property rental business, it makes sense that he hires someone to handle the tenants for him. Thank you.

  5. Just thinking about it made me realize that you were right when you said the receiving phone calls and complaints from the tenants is a form of stress that I would want to avoid. That is enough of a reason for me to consider hiring a property manager to help me out with the apartment. After all, I am not really the type who can handle confrontations with great ease. I need someone to do it for me.

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