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Suzanne Rodoni-Silverberg – Founder/Broker

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SuzyWhat Makes Suzy Different?

Suzanne is more than just a Realtor. When you hire her, you hire someone with an
extensive résumé of experience in many facets of the real estate world.

Her Experience Includes:

  • 20 years in the mortgage lending industry as a top Mortgage Originator. Her experience
    and understanding of mortgage lending is of great value to the people she works with.
  • She has overseen the lending division of large-scale new home subdivisions and assisted thousands of people in purchasing and refinancing their homes. She is able to
    see red flags ahead of time to facilitate a smooth close of escrow.
  • 25 years of experience in building and managing a successful real estate portfolio for
    herself and for her clients.
  • Experience in single-family home construction and development, including the construction of seven single-family homes. She has first-hand experience working
    with planning and building departments, land use planners, architects, and contractors
    to see projects through to a successful conclusion.
  • Extensive experience buying properties at foreclosure, renovating them, and reselling
    on the open market.

Why Choose Suzanne Rodoni-Silverberg?

As part of a fourth-generation Santa Cruz family and lifelong resident of Santa Cruz, Suzy has a unique understanding of what makes this area so special. Her extensive background in real estate lending, real estate development, and investment real estate acquisition allows her clients to benefit from her vast knowledge and experience. Selecting the agent to
handle your real estate transaction is just as important as the tax expert, legal expert, or financial advisor you rely on. When you work with Suzy, you benefit from her extensive background in the real estate industry.


REAL ESTATE EIGHT THREE ONE was founded by Suzy Rodoni-Silverberg in 2010. Her goal was to reinvent how real estate is done and create a full-service company that offers state-of-the-art technology, innovative marketing, and green practices.

In November 2011, REAL ESTATE EIGHT THREE ONE acquired Capitola Realty, a company with a 56-year history serving the real estate and property management needs of Santa Cruz County.

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