Rodoni Family History in Santa Cruz County


The Rodoni Family has a long history within Santa Cruz County. In 1920 Dante Rodoni immigrated to Santa Cruz from Italy. He lived at the Younger Ranch while attending local schools. At age 16 he moved to the Hoover Ranch on Waddell Creek and worked with his father in the cattle business.

In 1935, Dante Rodoni married Andreina and they moved on to the Wilder Ranch where he started farming Brussels Sprouts. Dante’s oldest son, Mario, and grandsons, Dan and Bill, still farm on the Wilder Ranch property under the company name of M Rodoni & Company. Dan left the family farming business in 1995 to start his own 4-wheel drive shop and focus on his hobby of monster truck racing. His younger son, Elio, and grandsons, Robert and Stephen, farm in the south county under the company name of Sunset Farms. In recent years M Rodoni & Company has moved into the world of organic farming and participates many local farmers markets. They also operate a very popular “U Pick” pumpkin patch north of Santa Cruz. While Dante’s sons and grandsons stayed in the family business his granddaughters drifted into other fields. His oldest granddaughter, Suzy, has been involved in the banking, mortgage lending, and real estate business since 1983. His younger granddaughter, Cathy, is a real estate attorney.

All of the Rodoni Family attended local schools and have been involved in a wide variety of community organizations and events. The family has grown over the years and is spread out all over the community. Our long history in Santa Cruz County is a great resource for those new to the area.