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Good Times Santa Cruz: Buying is Still Cheaper Than Renting

Good Times Santa Cruz: Buying is Still Cheaper Than Renting

Every month, Suzy Rodoni-Silverberg writes a column for the Good Times Santa Cruz, sharing important information about real estate and property management for those living, renting, and buying in the greater Santa Cruz Area. This month, Suzy explores the renting vs. buying topic. Do you have a real estate or property management question that you’d like to have answered? Submit your question in the comments below! (more…)

Who is Responsible, Landlord or Tenant?

Properly maintaining is an important part of rental property ownership. Not just because it is the property owner’s responsibility, it reduces owner liability, and helps to maintain the value of the investment. However, there are times when the tenant could be responsible and that can be a difficult situation for the property owner to address with the tenant. (more…)

Tips For Good Landlord Tenant Relations

Many believe that once a tenant moves into a property all that is required is to “collect the rents”.  As a property manager I often hear this but know it is far from reality. Tenancy starts before the tenant moves in, progresses while the tenant resides in the property, and continues after the tenant moves out. Properly setting expectations up front will go a long way towards a good tenancy experience. Understanding landlord/tenant laws is the best protection for a landlord other than hiring a professional property manager. (more…)

The Topic of Mold

Mold has been around for a long time. Literally as long as there have been living organisms. Therefore, it may seem strange that it has become such an important and potentially dangerous issue. However, mention the possibility of the existence of mold to any reputable Property Manager, it gains immediate and urgent attention. (more…)

Rental Properties and Lead Based Paint

Lead based paint has been an important issue since March 6th, 1996, when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & Housing & Urban Development (HUD) released regulations on the Residential Lead Based Paint Hazard Control Act. Property Managers and Landlords nationwide have worked to comply with the law. Additionally, the Lead-Based Paint Pre-Renovation Education Rule was invoked, which requires notification to occupants in advance of work that could disturb lead-based paint. (more…)

Pets and Your Property: Deciding on Pets

Most Landlords are not open to the idea of renting to tenants with pets. To be honest, this is understandable because I have seen situations where tenants have allowed their pets to cause considerable damage. When faced with the issue of pets, property managers and/or landlords need to use a logical approach. Saying “NO” to a pet right away can lead to illegal pets or possibly missing a good tenant. (more…)

Landlords DO Have Rights

It often seems that a property owner does not have any rights and that tenants call the shots, the courts only rule in favor of the tenant, and the attorneys end up with all the money. Just look at the multi million dollar lawsuits that have happened regarding mold, lead-based paint, Fair Housing, and more. In fact, we do our best to keep owners apprised of the legislation and legal actions that are continually happening. However, there is another perspective to landlord and tenant rights. (more…)

Adding an Investment Property to Your Portfolio

With today’s rising rents, lower interest rates and property values, buying an investment property may be a good addition to your financial portfolio. Before you make the decision to purchase you should consider the following:

Check with your CPA or financial planner: Current tax laws favor investors. Depreciation and principal reduction can build wealth over time. Holding a rental property until its owned free and clear can be a good source of retirement income

Compare recent sales and rents: Look at what has sold recently and what income it generates. Are certain areas generating better rents? What down payment do you need to generate the return you are looking for? (more…)