We believe that you should own the property; it should not own you!

Real Estate Eight Three One is a full service real estate and property management company with over 20 years of residential property management experience in Santa Cruz County. Click here to learn more about our company!

At Real Estate Eight Three One our goal is to attract and retain the best possible tenants while seeking the highest return on investment for our property owners.

Let our professional property management team take the hassle out of renting and maintaining your investment property.

Not every property owner needs help managing their property on an ongoing basis. For those owners we can offer tenant placement services. We will advertise and screen all applicants before selecting a tenant. Once the tenant is selected and placed in the unit, the owner takes over.

For those property owners that choose the full service option we will not only place the tenant but continue to manage the property on an ongoing basis. Click here for a list of benefits of utilizing our full service.

  • We do not charge any fees when the property is vacant
  • We do not charge any up front set up fees
  • We do not charge any fee for overseeing repairs
  • We do not charge for ad placement on craigslist