Who is Responsible, Landlord or Tenant?

Properly maintaining is an important part of rental property ownership. Not just because it is the property owner’s responsibility, it reduces owner liability, and helps to maintain the value of the investment. However, there are times when the tenant could be responsible and that can be a difficult situation for the property owner to address with the tenant.

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Tips For Good Landlord Tenant Relations

Many believe that once a tenant moves into a property all that is required is to “collect the rents”.  As a property manager I often hear this but know it is far from reality. Tenancy starts before the tenant moves in, progresses while the tenant resides in the property, and continues after the tenant moves out. Properly setting expectations up front will go a long way towards a good tenancy experience. Understanding landlord/tenant laws is the best protection for a landlord other than hiring a professional property manager.

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The Topic of Mold

Mold has been around for a long time. Literally as long as there have been living organisms. Therefore, it may seem strange that it has become such an important and potentially dangerous issue. However, mention the possibility of the existence of mold to any reputable Property Manager, it gains immediate and urgent attention.

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