Santa Cruz Property Management Education

Santa Cruz Property Management Fees and Services

Our topic today is the fees and services that you can typically expect to hear a property manager talk about when you are interviewing him or her. There are two kinds of fees that are the most common when it comes to property management and those are the lease up fee and the ongoing maintenance fee. Property managers have different ways of charging for these. (more…)

Find Me a Tenant! Santa Cruz Property Management Advice

Usually, when landlords come to us and ask us to find them a tenant, what they really want to ask us is to find them a good tenant. The best way to do that is through our advertising and our tenant screening process.

We have a very large advertising network, and we use syndication. Our advertising is very high quality and professional. We cast a wide net with the various online websites we use. We put ads up on all the big sites, those that people know and recognize such as Zillow, Trulia and Craigslist. Then, there is a whole syndication network beyond those websites that we always utilize for our property listings. It helps us to cast an even wider net and give us the best pool of candidates possible for our property owners. (more…)

How to Set a Rental Price – Santa Cruz Property Management Advice

Today I want to talk to you about how you should set a price for your rental property. It’s an easy thing for us at Real Estate Eight Three One to do because we do it every day, so we have a good pulse on the rental market. When we are advising owners what to charge for rent, we start by comparing the property to others that are similar and in the same area with identical amenities. We take a look at what those properties have rented for in the past, which helps us to recommend a good price point. (more…)